Travel with your car or motorcycle

Do you want to take your vehicle for the summer to London, to Monte Carlo, St. Tropez or Marbella?

Travel with Motorcycle Dubai USA
Or are you going on a bike trip to Europe or the USA?

We ship individual motorcycles or full containers for groups to Hamburg or Munich, to Italy and other places in Europe all with special personal service.

Pangaea Speed and our agents worldwide offer a personalized service for clients want to take their automobile or motorbike for vacation from the United Arab Emirates to the USA, European destinations or other countries.

Please inform us about your travel plans and we will consult you and advise the best shipping solution.

We take care the customs clearance and have you starting nicely into your road trip adventure.

The return shipment can be effected from any other location and does not have to be the same where you arrived, giving you the opportunity to have one way only.

However if you need your vehicle and are worried about the longer transit time by sea, we offer reasonable airfreight offers as well.

On our main routes to Germany, England and Holland we co-load vehicles in our own regular containers, with unbeatable low freight rates but premium service and fast transit times.

And you can keep your travel baggage inside or with the car.

Selected agents in most countries are experienced in handling private clients and provide superior service.

Travel with car Germany Dubai