FAQ Relocation / Moving

Why is a pre-inspection necessary?

Our aim is to give you a sustainable quote, based on actual cubage and special handling for certain units. The visit allows us to offer you exactly as per your needs.


Do you charge anything for the survey?

Nothing at all. This service is free of charge and non-committing.


Do you provide moving boxes?

Yes, we do. If you prefer to pack personal items or clothes by yourself we will deliver some boxes prior upon request.


Can I pack / unpack by myself or even load the container?

Moving with Pangaea Speed LLC means that you can select the type of service, if you wish to pack by yourself or load a container on your own. At destination you can decide whether you wish to have everything taken into your domicile, with unpacking and debris or if we will transport the goods on pallets to your home. Such questions and options will be consulted with you.


Are there any hidden charges?

All expected and regular costs are considered and included in our quotation. However there can be additional costs for customs physical inspection, X-ray and even unpacking of containers if ordered by customs or port authorities. In the unlikely event we will charge you by proven outlay of original costs.


Can I insure my goods against damage or loss?

You can chose between a full cover insurance where damages and loss is covered or a total loss only insurance. If you pack by yourself, the full cover option is not available.


Can I set up a certain packing or delivery date and time?

The earlier you book, the higher is the chance that we can meet your desired date. Our packing crew will arrive around 9 am and start the wrapping and packing and most jobs are done within 1 or 2 days depending on the volume.


Do I have to pay duty and tax ?

Returning UAE citizen and expatriates moving into the country have to provide certain documents to gain duty and tax free entry for used household goods. Duty on new products is 5%.

  • Proof of employment in UAE (only for expats)
  • Passport copy
  • UAE Residence Permit (only for expats)
  • English packing list
However any kind of motor vehicle is always due to 5% duty/tax, even if you have owned the vehicle before.


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