How do I pay?

Payment can be made by wire transfer to our bank accounts in Germany or Dubai, in AED, Dollar or Euro. Cash payments are accepted as well. However we don’t take any credit or debit cards.


Is there a sales person I can call?

Sure, our offices in Dubai and Germany are reachable for individual questions thru regular office hours. In urgent matters please send an email and a representative will call you back, even out of hours.

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FAQ Automobile Shipping

You write about container shipping, but what about roll on / roll off?

Whenever it is possible from the size of the car we try to get it into a container. Especially for valuable cars. Because cars are always under control and surveillance as with ro/ro cars are parked open in port area, effected by weather conditions and moved by maybe non experienced staff. However cars which are too big to fit a container will be transported by roll on / roll off.


I saw cars with blue export plates. What it this and when do I need them?

For the export of any vehicle you are committed to obtain an Export Certificate from the RTA (Road Transport Authority) During this deregistration process you can chose if you want to drive the car another 2 weeks and buy the blue export plates and an insurance or if we collect the car from the RTA, saving you time and money to bring the car into the Jebel Ali Free Zone.

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FAQ Relocation / Moving

Why is a pre-inspection necessary?

Our aim is to give you a sustainable quote, based on actual cubage and special handling for certain units. The visit allows us to offer you exactly as per your needs.


Do you charge anything for the survey?

Nothing at all. This service is free of charge and non-committing.

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Address Info

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